2020 Australian Open postponed

News release:

” Its frustrating to have to concern these sorts of decisions. Provided the unpredictability around international travel limitations and the effect of COVID-19 around the globe, we have put the health and wellness of all those who bring this tournament to life first,” Nick Dastey, Tournaments Director Australasia, said.

The decision means the Australian All Abilities Championship, which features the leading 12 gamers on the World Rankings for Golfers with a Disability, will likewise be delayed as the competition is played as part of the Australian Open field.

This years Australian Open has been held off due to unpredictability surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

” We will continue to work closely with all stakeholders to find a suitable date early next year.”

The PGA, Golf Australia and the event partner, Sportfive, and the Victorian Government would continue to monitor the scenario and offer updates when any additional info is available.

” Unfortunately, it is not an easy matter of whether or not we could co-ordinate any international stars to go to,” Brookhouse said.

Combined with the pandemic, Golf Australias General Manager of Golf Operations Simon Brookhouse said the rescheduling of the major championships, particularly the Masters from 12-15 November, supplied challenges in assembling a first-rate field.

” The unpredictability of the quarantine requirements for COVID-19 for any gamers coming from outside Australia needed to be considered. These requirements would unquestionably have an effect on our homegrown heroes before they would have the ability to think about playing, too.”

The 105th edition of the Australian Open was to be played at Melbournes Kingston Heath in November.

However public health factors associated with COVID-19 have priority and to consider had been the main reason behind deciding to hold off.

Podiatry and Golf

Golf includes a lot of walking so puts the feet under a great deal of pressure, so podiatric doctors can plat quite a roe in dealing with the foot problems in golf enthusiast. Many of the routine foot problems that take place in the general population impact golfers. In addition any foot problem can affect the biomechanics of the golf swing and impact efficiency.

In addition to the above, the online forum, Podiatry Arena has numerous threads and disucssion on topics related to podiatry in golf and Podiatry Tube have lots of more videos on the subject. PodiaPaedia has a post on foot orthotics in golf and the unique requirements that are needed in golf enthusiasts.

This episode of PodChatLive was devoted to the function of Podiatry and Golf and is well worth seeing.

Did we need another Lance Armstrong documentary?

After being stripped of his Tour de France titles, Armstrong spoke to Oprah Winfrey in 2013 to admit to doping in a compelling TV interview.
Why are we still discussing Armstrong?
Armstrongs life story can be divided into quarters. When he equaled the worlds finest throughout the late 1980s, theres the 15-year-old naturally talented and fiercely figured out triathlete who caught nationwide attention.
Then theres the 25-year-old bicyclist who was identified with sophisticated testicular cancer in 1996 and provided a slim chance of survival. After 2 operations and chemotherapy treatment, he recovered and in 1997 established the cancer charity Livestrong.
Livestrong is stated to have increased awareness and enhanced the experience for cancer patients in the United States, and positively impacted the lives of large numbers of individuals all over the world.
In the documentary, we heard from one previous victim, who summed up: “I genuinely think if you were identified with cancer today your experience is better than it was pre-Lance and pre-Livestrong. Irrefutably much better.”.
Post-recovery, there comes the desire to achieve his lifes aspiration of winning the Tour de France, but with that comes problems in a sport which, at the time, was riddled with performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs).
As Armstrongs previous US Postal team-mate Tyler Hamilton put it: “It was either join the club, or go home, finish school and go and get a genuine task.” Spoiler: Armstrong didnt go home.
And lastly, theres the 48-year-old Armstrong, whose pockets are significantly lighter after he was forced to pay countless dollars in damages and settlements in a series of suits. In spite of his monetary losses, his Colorado estate formed the background to much of the documentary.
In general, time does appear to have helped Lance Armstrong to understand the minutes when he was, as another ex-team-mate put it, “fundamentally evil”.
There was the infamous zipped lips moment when Filippo Simeoni broke away from the peloton throughout stage 18 of the 2004 Tour de France. Armstrong followed him, berating the Italian about affirming versus Armstrongs controversial performance physician Michele Ferrari. He then turned to a TV cam, still riding his bike, and made the gesture which has actually considering that ended up being a popular gif.
Simeoni later revealed the level of Armstrongs dangers: “I have time, I have cash and I can destroy you whenever I want.”.
Armstrong says the exchange is up there with the way he treated Emma OReilly (he called the former United States Postal team soigneur a “whore” under sworn statement) as the worst thing hes ever done. Nine years after the exchange, he went to Simeoni to apologise.
In 2012, the United States Anti-Doping Agency launched a 1,000-page report into organized doping that included sworn statement from 26 individuals, including 15 riders with understanding of Lance Armstrong and the United States Postal Service team which dominated the Tour de France from 1999-2005.
Usada called it “the most advanced, professionalised and successful doping programme that sport has ever seen”. As a result, Armstrong was stripped of his 7 Tour de France titles and banned from cycling for life.
Armstrong might have apologised for much of his behaviour throughout the years when he emphatically rejected accusations against him, however those apologies do not reach Floyd Landis – his previous team-mate who activated the investigation that eventually brought Armstrongs failure.
Armstrong says of his own situation: “It could be worse. I could be Floyd Landis.”.

“It takes those days and hearing those things to be and discover like: OK, what you believed was bad, was way worse.”.

A worrying admission.
While his former team-mates appear uncomfortable when questioned about their usage of PEDs throughout the course of the documentary, Armstrong responses unflinchingly.
However viewing him go over the topic of doping in relation to his kid is a little … annoying.
Luke Armstrong, a Rice University American football player, is presented. If he chose to take PEDs, Armstrong is asked what he would state to his son.
” I would state thats a bad concept – youre a freshman in college.” He pauses. “It may be a different conversation if youre in the NFL, however at this point in your career, its not worth it.”.
And theres a minute when he and his friends describe the scene at the 12th hole of a golf course when his sponsors call Armstrongs mobile to revoke their multi-million-dollar agreements, one by one.
He drifts into reflection, his eyes glancing away from the video camera as he remembers the memory, and after that goes quiet. He has a hurt expression, clicks his fingers to highlight how quickly his revenue streams minimized to no, then states and smiles: “I wouldnt alter a thing.”.
Why would anybody ever expect him to?

There was the infamous zipped lips moment when Filippo Simeoni broke away from the peloton throughout stage 18 of the 2004 Tour de France. Armstrong followed him, berating the Italian about affirming versus Armstrongs controversial performance doctor Michele Ferrari. He then turned to a TELEVISION video camera, still riding his bike, and made the gesture which has actually because become a popular gif.
He stops briefly. “It might be a different conversation if youre in the NFL, but at this point in your career, its not worth it.”.

In spite of there being two documentaries portraying the scandal already, from 2013 and 2014, and a dramatised version, The Program, Lance aimed to provide a complete photo of the fluctuate of the male who won seven Tour de France titles between 1999 and 2005 – but, following years of denial, lost them all after it was ultimately shown he had actually doped.
The two-part series included in-depth interviews with Armstrong, 8 years after he was stripped of his titles in among sports most significant and ugliest scandals.
Why was another documentary needed? Who can help however wonder regarding how time – the legendary therapist – has affected Armstrong

As the excitement from The Last Dance – the series documenting NBA star Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls – settles, attention relied on ESPNs latest release which assesses a various sport and American icon: Lance Armstrong.

Captain Stricker given six picks for US Ryder Cup team

Stricker (left) and Harrington have both served as Ryder Cup vice-captains prior to stepping up this yearSteve Stricker will select half of this years United States Ryder Cup team after the PGA of America made changes to the qualifying procedure.

The coronavirus pandemic has actually resulted in the cancellation of qualifying occasions and a modification to the US choice criteria.
The United States play Europe from 25-27 September at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin.
” With all the different changes to the 2020 schedule, it quickly ended up being apparent that we would require to amend our choice criteria,” Stricker stated.
” We concurred that a smaller tasting of 2020 events – including simply one major (the United States PGA Championship from 6-9 August) – would validate a one-week extension of the qualification window and an increase in the variety of captains selections from 4 to 6.”
The BMW Championship, which concludes on 30 August and is the second of the competitions that comprise the FedEx Cup play-offs, will mark the cut-off for points accrued through the season for US choice for the Ryder Cup.
Stricker will expose his captains tease 3 September, the day before the season-ending Tour Championship.
Europe are the safeguarding champions having won the biennial competition in France in 2018.
This years captain, Padraig Harrington, will have 4 wildcard selects to contribute to 8 who qualify through a points system.
European Tour chief Keith Pelley has already stated that a choice on the Ryder Cup will be made by the end of June.
The PGA Tour resumes on Thursday with the Charles Schwab Challenge at Fort Worth, Texas, the first occasion to be held following a three-month break since of the coronavirus crisis.
It is the first of five PGA Tour events that are scheduled to be played behind closed doors.
There will be live text and radio coverage on the BBC Sport site of all 4 days of the tournament.
BBC Sport golf reporter Iain Carter
After weeks of negativeness concerning potential customers for the Ryder Cup taking place in September, this statement indicates organisers remain hopeful it can happen.
If the match is played without fans, Stricker was the man who last week said it would be a criminal offense. He now wields big power over the make up of the US group since half of it will be made up by his selections.
With the guyss game about to resume in the United States, the PGA of America will be keeping an eye on carefully the success of forthcoming tournaments and particularly Julys Memorial occasion which intends to have some viewers present.

The United States captain will make 6 choices to add to 6 who qualify through a points system – the group generally has 8 qualifiers and 4 wildcards.